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By mark sheppard, Mar 14 2016 03:08PM

Monday, 14 March 2016

What Is The Best Money Making Business Strategy Online Today?

What Is The Best Money Making Business Strategy Online Today?

- There are literally thousands of business opportunities advertised online every day of the year,but how many of them actually make money, and more importantly,how can an internet marketing novice sort the wheat out from the chaff. Here are a few handy tips on what to look for and how to choose a winner?

well at Online Training Courses They have filtered through most of the wheat from the chaff to enable the best choice to be made when Getting Started With Online Training Courses

So If youre interested in taking up further study but feel you dont have the time to attend courses, we have the solution for you. online training courses are designed for people who face time restraints or those that simply prefer learning using information technology systems.

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Why Companies Should Invest in Online Training Courses

 February 19, 2016admin 0 Comment

• Time saving: In classroom training, a lot of working time of employees gets lost while they are attending the training instead of doing their job. This consumes the valuable time of the company as for that period nothing productive happens by the employee. With online LMS that run for 24 hours, employees can get the training whenever they are free thereby saving their own and company’s precious time. Thus, companies can have full control over the employee’s schedule.

• Multitude of courses: Usually today, companies prefer to book online for training programs as on internet they can see the detailed description of each and every course. There are multitudes of courses available online for companies to choose from for their employees.

,br> • Cost-saving: Online training courses are always less expensive than classroom-based training courses. It saves boarding and lodging charges, venue costs, trainer salaries, refreshments etc. Thus, companies can save on overhead costs while earning more profits. Whilst spending little cash on training, businesses can increase the productivity of their employees.

• Timely update of content and integration with company’s system: Learning management system (LMS) ensures that website course listings are always up-to-date. A better LMS system allows the integration with other systems too. Thus, if the company has another system for managing the training, they need not to enter course listings in both systems. LMS should be able to automatically synchronise with their system.

• Pre and post-skill assessments: Online training modules let the employers assess the details about improvements of their employees. These reports include feedback reports, user reports, course reports, quiz reports, etc. which provides a clear picture of the core strengths and areas of improvement of their employees. This also displays the hidden skills of employees in front of the managers that can be utilized in other departments also as per the company’s requirements.

see moe at

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Thursday, 18 February 2016


SEO courses can be found all over the web but just how current are they?

Content assets had been one of the greatest investments of almost all size of brands today. It became such a phenomenon in the industry that everyone wants to have a piece of asset for their site’s content development.

However, content marketing is not just about creating content pieces. It’s more on delivering the best value to your target audience. Without including your audience as a contributing factor in your marketing campaign, you would be more likely to lose track with your goals/objectives. Remember that your customers are the reasons why your brand exists in the industry. Therefore, they should be given the top priority in your content marketing campaign.

I’ve seen a lot of improvements in content marketing and how those improvements affect the thinking of many content marketers in delivering a useful and targeted content. This made every phase in the content process looks more challenging than before.

Five Stages of a High Quality Content Development

To surely make the most value out of your content efforts, it’s very important to take every stage in the content creation process as a chance to win over your competitors. This may require strategic planning in those stages to truly provide a reliable and useful content piece for your audience.

Find out more about this amazing all in one SEO course at:

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NLP in the workplace this course which is part of a business seminar training package explains how to use NLP in relationships and at work



This exercise asks pairs to look at examples of dialogue, and identify the ego states of the participants. The pairs will then try to transform the dialogue into an adult interaction, and perform one of the dialogues as a role-play in front of the group. It is suitable for any group, and should take 45 minutes in total. Allow 10-15 minutes for the initial pair work, and 30 minutes for the group work.

Facilitator Guidance

Introduce the exercise as a useful way of identifying people’s ego states, making them easier to understand and therefore influence. Hand out the task sheets and make sure that the participants understand the ego states and the task. Split them into pairs, and ask them to work through the dialogues, initially identifying the ego states, and then converting the dialogue into an adult interaction.

After 10-15 minutes, get the group back together and ask each pair to choose one of the dialogues and act it out as a role-play, in the adult ego states. While this is going on, the rest of the group should be taking note of body language, tone of voice and behaviour, so that after the role-play, they can give feedback on how the pair performed, and if they managed to remain in the adult ego state throughout. This could be videotaped so that the pair can review their attempt.

See more about this course package here:

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By mark sheppard, May 24 2014 01:35PM

Is it Really Profitable to Develop a Mobile App?

In this article, we discuss ways and means you can use to make the maximum money from mobile app development.

Highly Profitable Business

All the major app stores such as the Apple App Store, the Google Android Market, RIM’s App World, the Nokia Ovi Store and so on, have already made billions of dollars in terms of profit, over the last few years. Mobile apps have now emerged as one of the easiest and best ways to advertise and sell products and services, encourage social sharing of information and generally encourage mobile users towards developing and maintaining brand loyalty.

The mobile app development market is vast and offers great scope for app developers and companies to succeed beyond their expectation, by making very little initial investment. Angry Birds is one great game app that has maintained its immense popularity among the masses. While many other such apps have been successful, this one has emerged a top-selling app, by making the maximum amount of revenue for its creator, Rovio.

Is Mobile Marketing Profitable for the Mobvertiser?

The Secret Formula of Mobile App Success

There are several thousands of popular apps out there, which have been downloaded millions of times by users. But very few among them are capable of generating the kind of revenue that the biggest players did. The actual reason behind this has nothing to do with the company’s lack of insight.

Quoting the example of Angry Birds once again, Rovio had released a free version of the app for the Android Market. This version also came with an advertising bar on it and this is exactly where the actual revenue came from. Today, the company still manages to earn much more from these adverts rather than from the actual sales of the app.

Of course, the success of an app depends upon the number of people using it, as also amount of time they spend on it. Rovio is an established company that has had years of app development experience behind it. The developer team focused on trying to engage mobile users, creating a game that would encourage them to repeatedly use the app. The company came out with regular app updates, also releasing free versions of the updates, which were eagerly lapped up by its audience. Angry Birds is now much more than a mere mobile app – it is now a brand name, which boasts of users from all over the world.

By guest, May 5 2013 11:13PM

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